Visit a dance performance

Visiting a dance performance – how difficult could it be?

Going to a show for the first time may seem a little scary. How is it done? Is there any hidden etiquette to relate to? Do you have to understand everything you see and listen to? We will try to figure out the concepts in the cultural jungle.

Be there in time. The performances begin punctually. If you have been delayed, you may not be let in to the theater until the intermission.

Go with the flow. There must not always be a story or a clear thread in the performances. Laugh, cry, get angry, inspired, upset or frustrated. Let the moment in the theater just be a gathering of impressions.

Dress Code? Some dress up others do not. At a premiere it may be advisable to dress up, but most importantly – dress so you feel confident!

Applause? Sometimes it can be so many scenes in the performance not even the most seasoned visitor knows when to applaud or not. So the tip will be: wait for others to start, if you do not want to risk clapping at the wrong time.

Mobile phone. Turn it off or put it on silent mode. You can whisper with your company most of the time. Photographing and recording during the performance is prohibited for copyright reasons.

Coughing? For preparatory purposes, you may bring cough lozenge. You should also take care of the toilet visit before going into the theater. If you have to leave the theater, sneak out as quietly as possible. But it’s not the end of the world if you should interfere a little bit.