It is said that all good things come in threes. When Norrdans meets children and young adults, we do so in three parts. All three parts may be booked separately, of course, but we believe that the students who have had all three parts gain a deeper understanding as a whole and a stronger relation to dance.


We offer performances by Norrdans to preschools, compulsory schools and upper secondary schools. A dance performance, performed by professional dancers and with light, sound, scenography and costume created by professionals, gives the students an artistic experience. To many children and young adults, the first encounter with dance as an art form takes place in school. Our performances have different target groups, but they are always created with an artistic idea as a base and we believe that it is important for children to encounter experiences that are as elaborate and high-quality as the ones encountered by an adult audience.


Dance, as any other art form, can touch you, evoke emotions, turn perspectives around and pose questions. It is important that the students are given the space to reflect on their experience and that they are allowed to make their own interpretations. To do this, the teacher has an important role as an inspiration and support. We offer teacher’s manuals that deal with how you can think and act before, during and after the encounter with the dance.


To be allowed to dance yourself is also an important part of how to create a relation to dance as an art form. We offer workshops which may be independent or in connection with a specific performance. They always contain a warm-up of the body, going through the foundations of modern and contemporary dance and movement material from a performance or the opportunity to create movement material based on a specific theme or question.

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