Regional Focus

As a part of the regional work of Norrdans, each year we focus on one of the seven municipalities in the county along with Dans Västernorrland, according to a rolling schedule. The focus work is planned in cooperation with the different operators of the municipality, organizers, schools and inhabitants, and is conducted according to the school year. The purpose is to give structure to the regional mission, to anchor the activity in the municipalities of the county and to find new ways of working and new collaborators. We get to know our county and the county gets to know us.

The following activities have taken place or are planned:

The school year 2015/2016

Norrdans and Dans Västernorrland has held several planning meetings with representatives of Härnösand municipality, school, arts school, Härnösands Theatre Association, the local library, Technichus, Härnösands Folk High School and many associations related to the field of dance. The joint plan for the year is to deepen and develop cooperation in the municipality when it comes to arranging dance, promoting dance as well as lifting the dance as both a physical exercise and as a source of self-development and joy for even more of the municipality’s residents.

The school year 2014 / 2015 – Ånge

In close connection with the Head of Culture in Ånge, with schools, Teaterverkstan and Ånge Riksteaterförening, Norrdans and Dans Västernorrland plan and carry out several activities during the year.

  • Study visits at Norrdans and Dans Västernorrland, including visiting rehearsals and participating in a dance workshop, was conducted by Fränsta school, the compulsory special school, Torpshammar school and Ljungaskolan in October. More study visits are planned for the spring, for the preschool teachers of the municipality among others.
  • The performance Windows was shown in Fränsta in December, both as a school performance at Fränstaskolan and as a public performance at Ålsta Folkhögskola, arranged by Ånge Teaterförening.
  • Students at Fränsta school got to participate in a dance workshop in connection with the performance of Windows.
  • Teaterverkstan resumes dance courses for teenagers and is supported by dance consultant Annika Högberg in finding dance teachers.
  • Two days of further training for preschool teachers was held – one day in January with a visit at Norrdans consisting of a look at the rehearsal of Black Fairytale #2 and a practical workshop in how to use dance as a means of communication, one day in February with dance advisor/dance teacher Annika Högberg on how to “Dance a fairytale”. 
  • A seminar on dance held by Lis Hellström Sveningson for teachers and preschool teachers in February.
  • Workshops at several preschools at International Dance Day in May.
  • About 350 students and teachers went to Sundsvall by bus to see school performances with Norrdans in April. Pas de danse + I went out on a summer’s night was shown to students aged 10-12,  Black Fairytale #2 was shown to students aged 12-16.
  • The Culture night in May had two elements of dance on the program; a performance with Norrdans consisting of three choreographies from Windows and a flashmob by children from Teaterverkstan who have had dance lessons with teacher Johanna Dovner from Dans Västernorrland. 

The school year 2013 / 2014 – Kramfors

Along with the municipal culture department, Kulturskolan, Hola Folkhögskola and Kramfors Scenkonst / Riksteaterföreningen, many activities were conducted in the shape of performances, workshops and other contributions to increase the knowledge of dance.

  • Workshops with dancers from Norrdans were conducted at Hola Folkhögskola and the upper secondary school during the autumn.
  • Students from Hola Folkhögskola and the upper secondary school were taken to Hullsta Gård by bus to attend the performance Glesbygdsliv with choreographies by Marcos Morau, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf.
  • The school performance Härnösand by Marcos Morau was shown to students from two different schools in Kramfors during October.
  • Dark Horse by Lenka Vagnerová was performed at Kramforsskolan twice in October as a school performance.
  • Windows was performed in public at Gallerian Christoffer in December
  • In January, further training about dance was held for principals and compulsory school teachers of the municipality. Lis Hellström Sveningson (dance critic and culture writer) lectured and Artistic Director Mira Helenius Martinsson gave an introduction to interpreting dance with the help of a dancer who showed dance in many different styles and moods.
  • The upper secondary school arts programme students attended a workshop with Norrdans’ dancers where the subjects of work environment and safety were connected to modern dance and working as a dancer.
  • Middle of Nowhere by Fernando Melo was performed at Ådalshallen in March, as a public performance as well as a school performance.

The school year 2012 / 2013 – Örnsköldsvik

Norrdans and Dans Västernorrland developed the cooperation with Kulturskolecentrum, Örnsköldsviks Riksteaterförening and Dansföreningen We Dance, which resulted in several dance performances for both students and an adult audience. Several workshops were also conducted with dancers as well as dance pedagogues. A few examples:

  • Dark Horse by Lenka Vagnerová was performed four times during the autumn, both as a school performance at Domsjöskolan and at Folkan Teater and as a public performance at Folkan Teater.
  • Doppelgänger by Martin Forsberg was performed twice in November at Folkan Teater, one school performance and one open to the public.
  • Bollkänsla by Martin Hasselgren (a collaboration between Norrdans, Teater Västernorrland and Musik Västernorrland) was performed twice in October at Sörlidenskolan and once at Alneskolan.
  • Windows was performed in the KappAhl display window and as two school performances at Själevadskolan in February.
  • The solo Sparks by Klara Degerman was danced by a female dancer from Norrdans when We Dance finished in June.
  • Nolaskolan, Särskolan and Ängetskolan had workshops with dancers from Norrdans during the year.