She and Her

In a winter wonderland snow falls over an old castle, suddenly a light comes on in one of the windows. Two sisters walks around in the deserted rooms of the castle. An icy relationship has grown strong between them. The sisters co-exist in an uncertain future. The oldest sister’s mind are weary and filled with envy and disgust with her younger sister. The little sister is trying to reach her but is repeatedly rejected. One evening she writes a letter that changes the lives of both of them.

Thoughts about the film

The film is intended as a visual story that takes place in the late 1800’s. The idea is to combine the classic motion picture with dance and thereby obtain a genuine expression. The challenge is to develop a subtle cinematic narrative with abstract dance. This is exciting because it is new ground for me as a filmmaker and unfamiliar even for a choreographer and dancer. This production was a lot about seeking flair and timing.

/Jon Lindroth

She and Her is a collaboration between Norrdans and Sudden Light Visuals

A film by Jon Lindroth

Production company: Sudden Light Visuals
Co-producer: Norrdans
Choreography: Jakub Mędrzycki
Dancers: Claudia Fürnholzer, Anaïs Pensé
Music: Uno Helmersson
Camera: Jon Lindroth, Johan Lehman
Light: Johan Lehman
Light ass.: Kamilla Bjellsäter
Make up/costume: Fanny Berlin