Norrdans was founded in 1995 in Härnösand. Since then we have produced a great number of dance performances with choreographies by international modern dance heavyweights as well as new talents. Our aim is to offer a great variety of experiences and to continually explore and develop the encounter between contemporary dance and our audience.

Jeanne Yasko was Artistic Director from 1995 thru 2005. During 2006 the leadership was divided between Bodil Persson, Anna Grip and Maria Naidu. In 2007 Mira Helenius Martinsson started as Artistic Director.

During Mira’s parental leave, June 2014 – June 2015, Robert Karlsson was deputy Dance Director.

Mira led Norrdans until spring 2018, in August 2018 Martin Forsberg took over as Artistic Director of the company.

To view more information about previous works, please visit the Swedish webpage for Norrdans history, where you can click on each piece for more info.


Proxy by Martin Forsberg (Sweden) World premiere
Human After All by Olga Tsvetkova (Russia) World premiere
Märgben by Simone Grøtte (Norway) World premiere
Lilla Magellanska Molnet av Viktor Konvalinka (Czech Republic), World premiere


Alfhils Agrells Arv by Peter Svenzon (Sweden), Mari Carrasco (Sweden), José Agudo (Spain), World premiere
Odysseus by Lenka Vagnerová (Czech Republic), World premiere
Clash ”11” by Viktor Konvalinka (Czech Republic), World premiere


Pepper’s Ghost by Fernando Melo (Brazil), World premiere
Castaways by Jarek Cemerek (Czech Republic), World premiere
Stor och Liten by Liza Tegel (Sweden), World premiere

Black Forest by Mari Carrasco (Sweden) World premiere
Carmen by Jo Strömgren (Norway) World premiere
Det där var min idé! by Lava Markusson (Sweden) 

Lille Prinsen by Tina Tarpgaard (Denmark), in collaboration with the Nordic Chamber Orchestra, World premiere
Pas de Danse by Mats Ek (Sweden) Brazil
I went out on a summer´s night by Anthony Missen (England), World premiere
Black Fairytale #2 by Yossi Berg and Oded Graf  (Israel)

Middle of Nowhere by Fernando Melo (Brazil), World premiere
Sju gånger sju by Roy Assaf (Israel), Jarek Cemerek (Czech Republic), Peter Jaško (Slovakia), Katrín Hall (Iceland), Joseph Sturdy (England/Sweden), Lenka Vagnerová (Czech Republic) and Lidia Wos (Poland/Sweden), World premiere 

Härnösand by Marcos Morau & La Veronal (Spain), World premiere
Most of the Day I’m Out by Yossi Berg & Oded Graf (Israel), Swedish premiere 
Mechanical Trio in a Hot Country by Yossi Berg & Oded Graf (Israel), Swedish premiere 
Beautiful Beast by Thomas Noone (Spain) with music by Gjallarhorn (in collaboration with Musik Västernorrland), World premiere

Two Duos & Two Trios by Ohad Naharin (Israel), Swedish premiere
Bollkänsla by Martin Hasselgren (Sweden), a collaboration with Teater Västernorrland and Musik Västernorrland, World premiere
Dark Horse by Lenka Vagnerová (Czech Republic), World premiere
Doppelgänger by Forsberg/Nordberg (Sweden), a collaboration with Regionteater Väst, World premiere
Great Expectations by Gustavo Ramirez Sansano (Spain), World premiere

Feeding Monsters by Felix Landerer (Germany), World premiere
Schakt by Per Jonsson (Sweden)
Svansjön by Kajsa Giertz (Sweden), World premiere
OF(f) COURSE by Reija Wäre (Finland), produced by Scenkonstbolaget Dans

På Norrbotten by Mats Ek (Sweden)
Ring of Fire by Charlotta Öfverholm (Sweden), World premiere
I kväll eller aldrig by Jenni Kivelä (Finland), World premiere
Never Alone by Annabelle Bonnery (France), World premiere
Making of a Young Girl by Linda Kapetanea (Greece), World premiere

Kvart by Jo Strömgren (Norway)
Sunday, again av Jo Strömgren (Norway), samarbete med Thomas Noone Dance (Spain)
AB3 av Martin Forsberg (Sweden), World premiere
One Hour Skiss av Jyrki Karttunen (Finland), World premiere
Blow the Bubble av Danielle Dietz (Holland), World premiere

Could you take some of my weight…? by Tero Saarinen (Finland)
Förvandlingar by Pontus Lidberg (Sweden), World premiere
Hurt by Thomas Noone (Spain), World premiere
Gojorna by Simo Heiskanen (Finland)
School for Fools by Sasha Pepelyajev (Russia), World premiere

Tip of the tongue by Helena Franzén (Sweden), World premiere
Delicious Liquids by Helena Franzén (Sweden)
Den Dansande Garderoben by Tommy Håkansson (Sweden)
SoLoW by Itzik Galili (Israel)
Binari by Keith Morino (Canada)
Six Melodies by Stephen Shropshire (USA)
Sweet Pecado by Ramon Oller (Spain)

Wool by Uri Ivgi/Johan Greben (Israel/Holland), World premiere
Off by Danielle Dietz (Holland), World premiere
He/She by Stephen Petronio (USA), World premiere
Shadowboxing by Stephen Shropshire (USA), World premiere
Vi är vädret by Martin Forsberg (Sweden)

Through Nana’s Eyes by Itzik Galili (Israel)
Sangdelcel by Ramon Ollér (Spain), World premiere

I’m a good cook. Spaghetti anybody? by Roberto Zappala (Italy), World premiere
Lareigne by Stephen Petronio (USA)
Broken by Rui Horta (Portugal)
Unchained Melodies by Stephen Petronio (USA), World premiere

Slice of Time av Jeanne Yasko (USA), World premiere
Storstark Cowboys av Hanna Gillgren (Sweden), World premiere
Nest av Rui Horta (Portugal), World premiere

Rice-touch+fall by Helge Musial (Germany), World premiere
The Space Between by Ted Stoffer (USA), World premiere
Happiness by Uri Ivgi (Israel), World premiere

Peer Pressure by Jo Strömgren (Norway)
Ordinary Events by Rui Horta (Portugal)
KAI…eller nå sånt by Irene Hultman (Sweden), World premiere

Standing Waves by Jeanne Yasko (USA), World premiere
Schmooze by Jeanne Yasko (USA), World premiere
Catalogue of Departures by Roberto Gálvan (Argentina)

Brutal Calm by Allen Kaeja (Canada), World premiere
Min bättre hälft by Roberto Galván (Argentina), World premiere

Rede by Helena Franzen (Sweden), World premiere
Skär by Jessica Iwansson (Sweden), World premiere
Vippakuppi by Tuomo Railo (Finland), World premiere
Sturm by Jo Strömgren (Norway)
Kila Stadigt by Jens Östberg (Sweden)

InVita by Jeanne Yasko (USA), World premiere

Ansikten by Jessica Iwansson (Sweden)

Bland Tunga Änglar by Jeanne Yasko (USA), World premiere
Second Skin by Jeanne Yasko (USA)
Quiet Chaos by Jeanne Yasko (USA)
Mörkvitt by Jessica Iwansson (Sweden), World premiere
Dock Magi by Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini (Finland)
Zummel by Allen Kaeja (Canada), World premiere
Kaltblut by Helge Musial (Germany), World premiere

Tå Dans by Marja Korhola (Finland)
Danse Consertante by Jeanne Yasko (USA), World premiere and the debut of Norrdans in october 1995