Norrdans is the dance company of Northern Sweden. Our mission is to present high-quality contemporary dance in all its forms, with a particular focus on young audiences. Since the start in 1995, we have produced a great number of dance performances with choreographies by international modern dance heavyweights as well as new talents. Our aim is to offer a great variety of experiences and to continually explore and develop the encounter between contemporary dance and our audience.

Our home is in Härnösand, from where we often go on tour regionally, nationally and internationally. By being part of the network NMD (Norrlands nätverk för Musikteater och Dans), we have a special mission to tour the four northernmost counties of Sweden.

Norrdans is part of Scenkonst Västernorrland, a regional cultural institution owned by the Västernorrland County Council and the municipality of Sundsvall. We also receive support from the Swedish Arts Council and the municipality of Härnösand.

Closely connected to Norrdans is Dans Västernorrland, whose mission is to work for the development of dance in the region as a whole.