Malene Juliussen Olsen


Malene from Norwegian is educated at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (2014-2015) and ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands, through the BA (Hons) program Dancer/Maker (2015-2019).

From early on, she found great pleasure in discovering movement, and at the age of 18 she decided to pursue her goal of becoming a professional dancer. A year later, she left Norway to explore the contemporary dance scene in the larger community outside of her own country. Malene has a key interest in absurdity in dance, often combined with theatrical aspects. From working with makers, such as Cecilia Moisio and Hendrik Aerts, she has developed a curiosity towards this genre within contemporary dance, which is one of the directions she often finds herself exploring in her own practices. In addition to the bachelor program, Malene attends the Honours Program that is offered to a selected group of students from different disciplines at ArtEZ. The focus of the program is to explore the connection between theory and practice in art, an important aspect in her development as a thinker, mover and maker.

The season 2018-2019 Malene will be working as an apprentice at Norrdans as part of the last year of her bachelor program.