Alban Ovanessian


 ”The dance and choreography belong to the person who makes it their own. The dancers and spectators do not only tame dance with an analytical mind, they appropriate it with a bodily mind that is dependent on a society based on its times and mores. 

Dance and choreography are for me in permanent dialogue with this society in which we perform our laws, our rights, our desires and our transgressions. It would therefore be more likely to question where we see our society in this future because in reality dance and choreography will only be documentations of this future.”

Alban began his career as a dancer at Studio Harmonic in Paris where he became Corinne Lanselle’s apprentice. He then joined the “Cycle Training” at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels where he developed his first creations and performed, among others, the repertoires of the Rosas Company, William Forsythe and Trisha Brown. 

 Alban participated in one of Anne Teresa de Keersmaecker’s productions commissioned by Kustenfestivaldesarts and Kaaitheater. After graduating, Alban has been welcomed in various residencies to propose his own performances, light and video installations.