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Notice ! This is an archived event.

Alfhild Agrells Arv

Three passionate interpretations about everyone’s equal worth. Norrdans enchants with a triple program of physically demanding dance and newly written music. Alfhild Agrell’s strong and tragic short stories have inspired three choreographers, three composers and a costume designer. The story of the whitest reindeer of all, “Glossy White (Glansvit)”, is interpreted by the whole company while the story “Internally Black” (Svart Invärtes), about the nasty accident during calf labeling, is interpreted as a trio and a quintet.
In Sweden, Alfhild Agrell was one of the most attentive and appreciated dramatists in the 1880s. She was born in Härnösand in 1849. Many of Agrell’s works still arouse interest and she is experience a renaissance at the theater. Agrell was radical, advocated for equality and belonged to the so-called modern breakthrough writers.
The choreographers Mari Carrasco and Peter Svenzon are drawing inspiration from the novel “Internally Black”. Composer Mikael Karlsson writes music to Mari Carrasco’s choreography, which will be recorded by the Nordic Chamber Orchestra. Peter Svenzon writes his own music. José Agudo started as a flamenco dancer in Spain and has since expanded his expression with Indian Kathak and European contemporary dance. The music to José’s choreography, inspired by the novel “Glansvit”, is written by percussionist Bernhard Schimpelsberger.
Norrdans takes on Alfhild’s storytelling and offers the audience a new way to experience her stories. When the narrative and the scenic interpretation of these charismatic short stories collide, there lies a truth with relevance in today’s society.

For promoters

Tour period 20/10 2018 – 26/1 2019

Technical info Theater stage, 16 m wide, 9 m deep, 6 m height, 20 fly bars.

Length 75-90 minuter inklusive intermission

Target audience Public performance from age 12

For price and booking please contact Production coordinator Kristina Gillström +46 (0)70-237 52 44 kristina.gillstrom@norrdans.se

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