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AB3 and Pepper´s Ghost

A performance in two parts, one part about the number 3 and the difficulty in being 4, about what surrounds us and why it is there. One part about reflections, light and visual magic. Aided by new technology and antique elements.

The success AB3 by Martin Forsberg is back. After the premiere in 2009 AB3 has toured diligently across Sweden and international festivals. The performance with Jenny Nordberg’s amazing dramatic costumes and set design combined with a twisted movement material by Martin Forsberg is a admirably example of pioneering choreography work praised by both audience and critics.

One of the oldest traditions in performing arts is the use of illusion to stage seemingly impossible features, like the Pepper Ghost effect. Magic has charmed and transported audiences for centuries. In the performance Peppers Ghost choreographer Fernando Melo collaborates with visual artist, Yoko Seyama, combineing technology and the use of antique elements like mirrors, reflections, appearance and disappearance to lead the audience on a rhythmic journey of contemporary images.

more about AB3

more about Pepper’s Ghost

For promoters

Technical info: AB3 can be performed in a space minimum 10 meters deep and 10 meters wide without the audience seating. No concrete floor. Electricity demand 16 A CEE 3 phase. Building time 4 hours and striking time 1 hour with 4 stagehands. Team travelling altogether 7 people: 4dancers, 2 technicians and rehearsal director.

Lenght 22 minutes

Target audience young audiences from 6 years and up.

For price and booking please contact Production coordinator Kristina Gillström +46 (0)611 883 74 kristina.gillstrom@norrdans.se

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