Dancing Partners

Dancing Partners is a network consisting of six dance companies from six different countries. The initiative was taken by Company Chameleon (Manchester / England), Thomas Noone Dance (Barcelona / Spain) and Norrdans. Later, the companies were joined by Zawirowania Dance Theatre (Warsaw / Poland), Company E (Washington / USA) and Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (Rome / Italy).

Within the network, we invite each other to meetings with each of the dance companies as the host. In addition to exchanging performances with one another, we always try to offer different kinds of workshops at these meetings, between the companies as well as open to others. We also maintain a dialogue where we exchange ideas and experiences with each other on many different levels.

So far, the cooperation within Dancing Partners has allowed us at Norrdans the opportunity to present our performances in England, Spain and Poland. We have hosted meetings in Sweden on two occasions. First, in December 2013 when we were visited by Chameleon and Thomas Noone Dance, and then in October 2014 when Zawirowania Dance Theatre and Company E visited us.

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