Martin Forsberg

Artistic Director

+46 (0)73-270 26 59

Martin Forsberg started as dance director at Norrdans in autumn 2018. He was born and raised in Härnösand and has followed Norrdans since the beginning of the company. Martin is educated as a choreographer at Den Danske Scenekunstskole in Copenhagen, Denmark and has been working as a choreographer for the last 15 years.

He has choreographed broad, with and for many. The formats have varied and included both dance for children and young, adult and old – from contemporary dance through folk dance, to choreographic installations at museums. Martin runs the project-based company Fors Works in Copenhagen together with the producer Marie Schulz. He has also choreographed many pieces for large and small institutions around the world.

-Dancing is so powerful subtle. When it succeeds in producing that feeling of NOW, it can inspire, educate, close and explore simultaneously, through the silent act of movement.

Martin wants Norrdans to enrich Norrland and “be a poetic restroom or a kick in the butt”. Contemporary dance and choreography have since long stopped being an ornament. Now it stands here, dance, in the middle of the debate and shakes off energy and meaning. For Martin, the dance is uneasy and demanding at the same time. As a spectator, you must make an active choice and let the dance touch you.

Dance is rarely bossy, it is an offer to stop and embrace kinetic empathy. Dance does not necessarily want you, it’s you who must want it. This makes contemporary dance and choreography incredibly democratic and inclusive. But you have to make the decision yourself.

– I totally love to get confused by performing arts! My strongest experiences of dance and choreography have been when I was exposed to the unknown. To me, the essence of art is that it adds shades to my reality and challenges the boundary between what I know and what I have the potential to understand.